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Updated On - June 24th 2019

More girls will be enrolled in Delhi University’s co-ed colleges with the reduction in cut-off relief

Delhi University (DU) has decided to reduce the cut-off reservation for girls to 1% in 24 co-education colleges from this academic session.

Till last year, colleges offered relaxation in cut-offs ranging from 1% to 5%. Colleges such as Dyal Singh College, Shivaji College and Ambedkar College offered up to 3% cut-off relaxation to female aspirants in the DU admission. Ramjas College had 2.5% cut-off relaxation, while Hindu College had no such relaxation for girls.

“The points have been reduced to 1% to bring uniformity in all the colleges, and make the admission process smoother. Earlier, the process brought many discrepancies as each college had its own relaxation points. This also created confusion among the students,” says Shougaijm Somorendro Singh, deputy dean, Student’s Welfare department, DU.

While most female aspirants have raised their concerns and expressed displeasure over the new rule, Singh says, “This rule will help the female candidates as it will be introduced by all the colleges. Earlier, despite the mandate, only 10 out of 20 colleges provided 3 - 4% cut-off relief. This time, we will ensure that all the 22 colleges provide relaxation, so that more number of female candidates are accommodated in co-ed colleges.”

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